• Authoritative software marketing experts take you on an adventure of the overseas blue ocean
  • Excellent IT developers offer you sound strategies for making money overseas
  • Top developers share all sorts of product development skills
  • Partner with the industry elites to open up a silk road to overseas marketing
About the convention

Against the background of major technological changes brought about by the mobile Internet and open-source cloud computing platforms, software practitioners in the IT industry have been presented with a rare opportunity and an unprecedented stage to show themselves.

How to create wealth is a topic every product developer will focus on. All aspects of a piece of software from design to later promotion and sales are of crucial importance. Finally taking products to a broader market to make a profit is of overriding importance.

By then, after successfully holding the first three annual gatherings, Digital River, in partnership with CSDN, will hold the fourth “Go Overseas - Global Marketing Summit”. This conference will feature a number of heavyweight experts sharing hands-on experience and knowledge to unlock marketing puzzles one by one for you. Do not miss the highlight!

About the Speakers

  • Jiang Tao

    Founder, Board director of CSDN

  • Ma Xiaofeng

    Vice President of Xili Software

  • Liu Jiang


    Chief Editor

  • Gu Fang

    Founder of Ada Series software

  • Zhou Hongming

    Senior EMBA Lecturer at Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Wang hang

    Project manager of Fuxin Software

  • Liu Tiefeng

    Founder&CTO of Dolphin browser

  • Ge Ke

    CEO of Kingsoft’s office software

  • Alten Fu

    Vice-president of Wondershare Software

  • Mark Iverson

    DR MyCommerce

    Group VP

  • Denise Purtzer

    DR MyCommerce

    Channel Manager

  • Zell Ping

    Director of MyCommerce China

  • James Bennett

    RegNow Operations Manager

  • Amy Hall

    DR MyCommerce

    Social Media Manager

  • David Halls

    Director of SWREG

Topic Introduction

April 13,2012

Time Conference Arrangements
13:00-13:30 Registration
13:30-13:40 Meeting Opening Address
Lecturer: Mark Iverson Group VP, Digital River MyCommerce
Lecturer: Zell Ping Director of MyCommerce China
13:40-14:20 Topics:  Global e-Commerce Product and Purchasing Sales Trends
Lecturer:  Mark Iverson Group VP, DR MyCommerce
14:20-15:00 Topics:  China's R&D Reaching to the World
Lecturer:  Jiang Tao  Founder, Board director of CSDN
15:00-15:40 Topics:  Dragon Marketing Tactics: Creating Content that Works

Lecturer:  Denise Purtzer  Channel Manager, DR MyCommerce

15:40-16:00 Information Communication
16:00-16:30 Topics:  Discover Value from Differentiation
Lecturer:  Alten Fu  Vice-president of Wondershare Software
16:30-17:00 Topics:  Development trends of office software
Lecturer:  Ge Ke  Senior Vice-president of Kingsoft, CEO of Kingsoft’s office software
17:00-17:30 Topics:  Making Fortune from Overseas Mobile Internet Market
Lecturer:  Liu Tiefeng  Founder & CTO of Dolphin browser
17:30 End

April 14,2012

Time Conference Arrangements
09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:10 Topics:  How to expand into the European market
Lecturer:  Zell Ping  Director of MyCommerce China
10:10-10:40 Topics:  The Mobile Age: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Lecturer:  David Halls  Director of SWREG
10:40-11:10 Topics:  Using reports to improve conversion rate
Lecturer:  James Bennett  RegNow Operations Manager
11:10-11:40 Topics:  Social Media Marketing: Reaching your Audience Online
Lecturer:  Amy Hall  Social Media Manager, DR MyCommerce
11:40-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:40 Topics:  The overseas market-targeted PDF technology and its application (TBD)
Lecturer:  Wang hang  Project manager of Fuxin Software
13:40-14:20 Topics:  New-techs in precise marketing
Lecturer:  Zhou Hongming  Senior EMBA Lecturer at Shanghai Jiaotong University
14:20-15:00 Topics:  Right and wrong in setting up business
Lecturer:  Gu Fang  Founder of Ada Series software
15:00-15:30 Information Communication
15:30-17:00 Part of the Forum Activities:The way to oversea sales for China's software
Host:  Liu Jiang CSDN&《Programmer》Chief Editor
           Guests to be invited from:
           Alten Fu Director &Sr. VP of Wondershare Software
           Gu Fang Founder of Ada Series software
           Ma Xiaofeng Vice President of Xili Software
17:00 End

Participants' Guide

Agenda of Convention

Time:April 13th-14th 2012
Venue: Shanghai Sofitel Jinjiang Oriental Hotel.
Address:DoubleTree By Hilton Shanghai Pudong

Ticket Price:RMB 300

The participants are screened out at this conference based on their qualifications in order to ensure the quality of conference. If you are a software author, senior software engineer or mobile APP author, you may apply for a quota for free.

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