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Topic:Global e-Commerce Product and Purchasing Sales Trends

Mark Iverson      Group VP, DR MyCommerce

About the speaks:Mark Iverson serves as a Group Vice President for DR MyCommerce at Digital River, a leading provider of global e-commerce solutions. Since joining the company in 2006, Mark has utilized his more than 12 years of experience in the software industry to help bolster Digital Rivers MyCommerce presence in the e-commerce industry. Additionally, he has a strong background in the consumer package goods industry that helps contribute innovative promotions that help DR clients increase their software sales.

Contents:E-Commerce sales trends are changing rapidly.  What software consumers and businesses were purchasing in the past on line has evolved.  In this session, learn what software and services are being purchased by consumers and businesses over the Internet.  You will also see how sales trends are changing at a global level, which markets are growing and where you should be marketing your software products.  This session will prepare you and your company for global success.

Topic:China's R&D Reaching to the World

Tao Jiang      Founder, Board director of CSDN

About the speaks:Jiang Tao, CSDN founder and Chairman, deputy Secretary-General of China Computer Federation and Director of Software Engineer Committee. 2000, created the magazine of Programmer, 1999, created CSDN community, dedicated to the development of an open IT technology platform for sharing and coordination. Engaged in software and internet operations for over 20 years, having successfully led a number of software projects.

Topic:Dragon Marketing Tactics:Creating Content that Works

Denise Purtzer      Channel Manager, DR MyCommerce

About the speaks:Denise currently works as Channel Development Manager for Digital River/My Commerce division, handling the affiliate aspects for small/medium business (SMB) segment of Digital River. She provides strategic guidance and educational resources to affiliates and vendors to grow their affiliate sales. Denise began working in the ecommerce and affiliate world in 2001, and offers over a decade of online marketing and ecommerce experience on both SMB and Enterprise levels. She has the opportunity to attend and present at worldwide conferences, including affiliate specific conferences in the US, Europe and China.

Contents:With the new year comes a need for change in marketing techniques.  In order to be successful, you must change as the industry changes.  It is important to create content that is appealing to both search engines and potential customers.  This presentation will give ideas and specific examples to generate content and make more money in the year of the dragon.

Topic:Social Media Marketing:Reaching your Audience Online 

Amy Hall      Social Media Manager, DR MyCommerce

About the speaks:Amy currently works as the Social Media Manger promoting the Digital River MyCommerce solutions on various social networking sites. She is responsible for social strategy, content creation, and social media monitoring for the MyCommerce solutions. Amy first became passionate about social media in 2005 and dedicated her college studies to communications and journalism with the hopes of pursuing a career in online media marketing. After working as a communications manager she joined the Digital River team in 2011 as the Social Media Manager for MyCommerce designing and implementing the social media strategy.

Contents:A successful marketing strategy is based on establishing relationships and creating a dialogue between you and the consumer. In the digital age, this is done more and more online through the use of various social media platforms. This presentation will demonstrate how to create an online presence for your company by using these platforms, resulting in a dramatic increase in your online sales.

Topic: Using reports to improve conversion rate

James Bennett      RegNow Operations Manager

About the speaks:James Bennett has been working with Digital River on the RegNow platform for the past 12 years. James has worked on every aspect of client relations from product setup to marketing strategies. His time with RegNow has given him an extensive knowledge of how vendors, affiliates, and customers interact in the ecommerce world. James is currently serving as the Operations Manager for RegNow, where he focuses on strategic and technical direction for the platform and provide support for RegNow clients. His goal is to continually strive to provide an extremely optimized and robust global e-commerce system at competitive rate that captures all potential sales allowing clients the opportunity to focus on their business, products and customers.

Contents:Sales numbers, trends, customer data, tracking codes, marketing campaigns can all provide useful information to help create more successful business.  Whether you collect data and build your own reports or if reports are provided by your ecommerce provider, they can be an invaluable resource to determine your current achievements and future improvements.  Learning to use and interpret various reports will help improve understanding of how and why customers purchase, as well as how to improve the process.  This session will outline various types of reports and how to best use those to build a strategy to increase sales.

Topic:How to expand into the European market

Zell Ping      Director of MyCommerce China

About the speaks:Zell currently works as Director of MyCommerce China at Digital River, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. Over the years she gained experience in team management in multinational environments, specializing in e-commerce, in different software industries as well as in the online sales and marketing world. Her business experience spans across consumer and business software, digital media, public relations and project management. 

Contents:More and more shareware companies start their business in Germany, France and other European countries. In this presentation you will find the key principles and strategies to promote your products using vital marketing techniques in Europe.

Topic:The Mobile Age: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

David Halls      Director of SWREG

About the speaks:David Halls serves as the Director of SWREG , an e-commerce unit within Digital Rivers MyCommerce division. In this capacity, David oversees all aspects of the SWREG business including managing product features, maintaining relationships with vendors, and finding new business opportunities.

Contents:As powerful mobile devices continue to flood the market, they are quickly changing how users access the virtual world. No longer restricted to basic communication and organizational tools, mobile devices are providing a reason for many to skip traditional desktops and laptops altogether. As we examine the trends in mobile products and how consumers deploy them, we’ll discuss usage patterns, customer expectations, and revenue models for mobile software products. We’ll present ideas on how you can leverage your existing skills, customers, and marketing tactics to develop a successful mobile strategy in this quickly changing environment.

Topic:Right and wrong in setting up business

Gu Fang      Founder of Ada Series software

About the speaks:Mr. Gu developed Ada software series at the beginning of 2000, and launched Ada Matching Games in 2003. By the end of 2008, he founded Wuxi Ada Software Co. Ltd. The company produced Tu YY, an online photo processing software in 2010, and,Guoguobang, a social game in 2011. Now Tu YY has become a standard built-in online processing tool adopted by many websites including,,, and, and also established cooperation with some one hundred websites including Tencent,, and Also, Guoguobang has been introduced by many game platforms like Qzone,,, and

Contents:We have to deal with many complicated matters to accomplish a major task. Although those matters seem right observing separately, once the timing or order is wrong, the result will be dissatisfied. How to do the right things at the right time and how to review and reflect on where we go wrong rely on a solution rather than intuition.

Topic:New-techs in precise marketing

Zhou Hongming      Senior EMBA Lecturer at Shanghai Jiaotong University

About the speaks:Anthony Chou, EMBA Senior Lecturer of Shanghai Jiao-Tong Univ. Over twenty years of senior-managerial experiences and expertise in all aspects of startup. Adept at providing hand-on leadership and direction in development of new business.  Successful at establishing and maintaining mutually profitable business relationships. An award-winning entrepreneur and professional executive with a solid track record in information technology, Internet E-commerce and retail industries. Working experiences in USA, Taiwan and China.

Contents:I Transformation of the consumer experienceII Data analysis of Internet users behaviorsIII Personalized mobile marketingIV membership database direct marketing

Topic: Discover Value from Differentiation

Fu Yuquan      Vice-president of Wondershare Software

About the speaks:Alten Fu, Director &Sr. VP of Wondershare Software, MBA of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.Alten started his career since 1994. He once worked for Jiangxi Copper Group Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co.,Ltd., Taiji Software CO.,Ltd. and Beijing Civa Printall Inc.. Fu had engaged himself in HR management, marketing, and business administration, etc.

Contents:1) Introduce various analysis tools to pinpoint opportunities to differentiated products and markets according to marketing strategy plan;2) Thoughts on DVD plan of products based on differentiation strategy;3) Core elements of value delivery.

Topic:Making Fortune from Overseas Mobile Internet Market

Liu Tiefeng      Founder & CTO of Dolphin browser

About the speaks:Mr. Liu worked with Search Technology Center,of Microsoft Research Asia and is currently working on development of mobile devices related software, focusing on development technologies relating to Android, iphone, etc., as well as the progress of App Store, Android Market and other application stores in the industry.

Contents:Compared with PC internet, mobile internet is globally competitive. A global vision will help developers to secure a higher starting point in overseas markets penetration. The speech will systematically share the insights and experience of Dolphin Browser concerning overseas mobile internet market one the basis of the three major platforms of iOS, Android and Windows Phone and types of release, types of application, cases study, marketing and profitability, etc.

Topic:Development trends of office software 

Ge Ke      CEO of Kingsoft’s office software

About the speaks:Ge KE joined Kingsoft in 1999, and is currently a Senior Vice-president of Kingsoft and CEO of Kingsoft’s office software. He is responsible for the company’s internal operations and management. During the past 12 years at Kingsoft, he has kept the company ahead of their competitors in terms of technological and marketing strength in China. At present, he is leading the Kingsoft to speed up meeting its strategic objective of making internationalized office software.

Contents:The development office software has experienced three turning points: the first being the word processing system under the dos operating system in 1988, the next being the word, excel and power point software packages under the windows operating system in 1995.Now, based on the context of cloud computing and drastic changes in development platform technology, demand for mobile office continues to heat up.Office software is also transferring from desktop software to network office and online office software, making office work more efficient with higher utilization of software.

Part of the Forum Activities

Ma Xiaofeng      Vice President of Xili Software  

About the speaks:Xiaofeng Ma is one of the founders of Xilisoft Corporation. With Doctor of Engineering qualification, he graduated from Computer Engineering Dept in The University of Electro-Communications in March, 2002. And in November, 2004, he returned to China, joined in Xilisoft with the position of Vice President. 

Agenda of Convention

Time:April 13th-14th 2012
Venue: Shanghai Sofitel Jinjiang Oriental Hotel.
Address:DoubleTree By Hilton Shanghai Pudong

Ticket Price:RMB 300

The participants are screened out at this conference based on their qualifications in order to ensure the quality of conference. If you are a software author, senior software engineer or mobile APP author, you may apply for a quota for free.

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